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  • Patience Pays
  • Sharon Hedges15 / January / 2018
  • I recently travelled through Uganda with my fabulous friend Amanda Weller and The Gorilla Safari Company.  We covered much of the south west of the country – from Entebbe to Lake Mburo, down to the gorillas in th

  • SHC supports Wendy the Wagon on her journey to Mongolia
  • Sharon Hedges27 / September / 2017
  • The Mongol Rally, a 12000-mile journey through 24 countries traversing mountain ranges, deserts and potential war zones, in aid of charity, takes place every summer. It is both a challenge and an adventure, two of the things we love the most at SHC.  

  • Loyalty – so much more than just rewards
  • Helen Wilkinson12 / September / 2016
  • Brands are challenged with driving up their ‘share of wallet’ and increasing market share.  Marketers are continually faced with finding new ways to help meet these business goals.

  • (DON’T) Blow your web budget Part 2
  • Sharon Hedges6 / June / 2016
  • Our Part 1 blog looked at ways to avoid blowing your website budget from the supplier engagement perspective. Here we move on to address ways to avoid the same problem but from the internal perspective – i.e. issues incurred from within the organisation.

  • Slow down to speed up
  • Mike Lovell26 / January / 2016
  • We all have our work cut out when it comes to growing a business – there are numerous challenges including a few in marketing – here are some you might recognise:

  • Why don’t channel/dealer sales teams sell?
  • Mike Lovell19 / January / 2016
  • I have been selling through channels for a good couple of decades now, from £ million B2B IT deals to SME, Call Centers and retail. What has never changed is the struggle companies have getting sales people in the channel/ dealers (especially in larger ones) to actually sell products that their target markets are not obviously begging for!

  • Teach me something
  • Sharon Hedges12 / January / 2016
  • Fact 1 – Up to 80% of customer decision-making is completed before the formal sales cycle starts

    Fact 2 - A lot of company communication is pretty forgettable or obviously self-serving



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